This product is not an actual product of The North Face and is used, along with any trademarks, brands of copyright materials of The North Face for demonstration purposes only, as a student project.

The Brief

 Design a women’s trail running shoe for an extreme race in a chosen environment and brand.

Cad Model by Jade Smrz based on orthographics 
Keyshot and rendering by Jess Ziman

The Laugavegur Trail


The 5 day trek heads south through the Icelandic mountains.

Along the way, racers must traverse lava rock, geysers, snow, rapids, steep climbs and extreme weather changes. This is considered one of the most beautiful, diverse and challenging terrains in the country.

Lava Rock
Steep Climbs
Slippery Rock
Weather Change

The North Face

Brand Values

“Never Stop Exploring”

Always pushing limits in innovation

Pain Points

Ankle Support

A hightop structured shoe will protect sprained ankles, the #1 injury for hikers.

Shoe will be fully soaked by rain or rapids. Use hydrophobic or good drainage to dry quickly.
All Weather
Runners go from snow to steaming hot geysers. Create a shoe appropriate for all conditions.

Tread Exploration

Arctic Fox
Deaths Head Hawk Moth
Audi AI Trail Quattro

Midsole and Upper

Final Design


North Face’s Futurelight material drove my design.
The fabric uses nanotechnology to wick moisture created by sweat while remaining fully waterproof.